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Anne Wuchold

Anne's yoga is influenced by the precise alignment of Iyengar, the integral style of Swami Sivananda and the flows of Kali Ray's Triyoga. Her classes are always hands on and complemented by elements from Thai massage and the meridians of Chinese medicine for a clearer awareness also off the yoga mat. Trained as a Yoga- and Shiatsutherapist, she teaches every six months in Germany and India and leads tour groups through Asia and Egypt ( ).

In Thailand she studied with the masters Ajarn Pitchest Boonthumme, Mama Lek Chaiya, Ajarn Sinchai and Mantak Chia. She combines this traditional knowledge of the healing arts with modern methods of Osteothai according to David Lutt and Arno L'hermitte.

Alexander Borovik

Alex came to Iyengar Yoga in 2002 through Vipassana Meditation and Aikido. After completing his training as a certified yoga teacher in the tradition of BKS Iyengar, he went to India in 2008, where he deepened his knowledge in Iyengar yoga and began teaching in his studio in Goa. In spring / summer he travels through Europe teaching workshops and retreats. From November to March Alex teaches regular classes, workshops and an intensive course in his studio in India. Alex uses his knowledge of Iyengar Yoga, Biomechanics and Yoga Therapy, which allows him to easily teach students of different levels, body types and with different health problems.


Soraya (Sora Yoga)

Soraya guides you in flowing movements through strengthening, dynamic yoga units combined with calm meditative elements. The breath plays a central role in this and enables a mindful posture to intensify the inward view.

For Soraya, yoga means getting in touch with oneself and creating more inner space.

Since she was a child, Soraya has been curious about Eastern philosophy and healing practices. In 2006 she deepened her yoga practice and since 2016 she has been leading sessions and retreats in Zurich and abroad (Sardinia, Sri Lanka and Portugal) with her SORA YOGA label.


Karin's Yoga focuses on each participant individually. It is a mindful, varied yoga style with an emphasis on breathing, and also suitable for people with health problems. Ayuryoga increases awareness and leads to a deepening of consciousness. The aim of this yoga style is to integrate it into the challenging everyday life. The traditional healing art Ayurveda is one of the oldest sciences in India. It has developed over a period of over 3000 years and is timelessly valid for a beneficial influence on the body, soul and spirit.


Karin Bachle


Miss Richter

Frauke Richter is a musician, pedagogue, yoga teacher and life-affirming self-researcher. Growing up in the north, she loves the liveliness of the wind and the vastness and wisdom of the sea. After several trips abroad and living in the midst of indigenous peoples, she mainly feels turned towards shamanism and natural ways of life in harmony with Mother Earth. She has been living in Europe's largest Yoga and Ayurveda seminar house in central Germany for several years.

In music she finds lively expression and community, solidarity and trust in the waves of life. Through the magic of music, through simplicity, naturalness and depth, it opens a space in which consciousness can expand and healing can take place ... a space that opens when the heart opens ... on your own, very personal life path ... in harmony with all life.


Stefan Grothe is a yoga teacher, nutritionist, registered nurse, wellness and relaxation trainer.
The main distinguishing feature of his way of teaching yoga is his calm and loving manner.
The yoga exercises are based on the ancient Indian Sivananda
Tradition, the Sukshma Vyayama (yoga of energy) and
further techniques from east and west.
The mantra yoga classes instructed by Stefan will be
accompanied by gentle, heart-opening music by Frauke.

Stefan Grothe


Imken Donde

German bred and a yogic nomad since 2012, Imken works internationally as a Yoga teacher and Craniosacral therapist. Her summers are spent in Sweden, the winters in India, with regular visits to the UK, Germany and Sweden. Imken's main interest lies in sharing her on-going exploration of opening up, softening, finding ways into relaxing body and mind, and through that, finding ways to reconnect to an essentially healthy and happy self. Experienced in sharing yoga with a wide range of students, with varied abilities and of all age, Imken loves to tailor-make her classes according to students individual needs, and sources from a wide range of Yoga traditions, from Yin, Restorative, Sama to Somatic Yoga, as well as Tai Chi and dance & free movement. Her classes often integrate therapeutic touch and other healing modalities (massage, CNT, craniosacral).

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