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June 12 - 18, 2022
with Anne & Soraya

A week of relaxation with daily yoga flow and Thai massage units in an exclusive luxury villa with a swimming pool within walking distance of the sea.
Delicious Mediterranean-vegetarian cuisine from our own Sardinian chef.
Two sessions a day and an evening program await you:
Morning sunrise yoga with a sea view, refreshing breathing exercises and enjoyable flows, rounded off by many varied meditation techniques.
At the afternoon workshops you will learn the art of touch, give and receive a small Thai massage every day. In this way we give our body even more relaxation and support the beneficial effects of yoga, because Thai massage is passive yoga in which physical and energetic blockages can be easily dissolved.
In the evening we alternate between regenerating Yoga Nidra units, gentle massage or meditation.
This week is an invitation to you.... to take the time to turn to your own impulses, to feel your body and to give your feelings space....
Recharge your batteries through the elements of nature... and discover the island of Sardines together....
Let yourself regenerate daily through yoga, Thai massage, pranayama and meditation and enjoy the sun, beach and feasting on each of your vacation days in the middle of nature. The spiritual atmosphere of the dream island of Sardinia makes it easier to let go of old blockages and lovingly guides you into the light. Our luxurious villa offers space for a small exclusive group, individual processes and healing awakening. Let our own Sardinian chef spoil you with Mediterranean-vegetarian recipes.
Soraya's yoga sequences free and seduce your body into effortless movement through awareness of the interplay of movement, breathing and posture.
In the different yoga flows we will have a different focus every day (e.g. a chakra, a mudra, a topic) and thus experience a wonderful journey through the body and its more subtle coverings.
Thai Yoga Massage touches your whole being sensitively and the hands on work enables you to direct consciousness into deeper layers of tissue and to deepen your yoga practice. Little by little, new inner spaces can be discovered and revived, from which lightness and joy grow. Anne will guide you through simple Thai massage sequences that you can learn and try out in a playful way. You can also enjoy a small massage unit every day, which is linked to Soraya's yoga class.
Additional Thai and Shiatsu massages can be booked individually outside of the seminar.

This retreat week takes place in a new beautiful location.
At Villa Sirea on the east coast of Sardinia:
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