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November 18-25, 2023
with Anne


Sinai Yoga and Breath Retreat

The respite in Dahab

Crazy freediver paradise Dahab was my winter retreat. The place where people find peace. A bubble of wild Bedouins, international travellers, expats and divers who can catch their breath here.

Refuel, dive, breathe.

This is how the idea was born to simply take you with us.

We stay in a nice apartment hotel for the week, right on the beach with a great reef right on the doorstep.

Yoga takes place in a glass yoga box overlooking the sea.

And then the thing with the breath... Our direct feedback as to whether we really let go and relax. We learn how to provide ourselves with more energy by gently holding our breath. After a short time, you can hold your breath for much longer than you ever thought. And you feel your body filling up with new energy.


We will take this game with the breath into the sea, together on the coral reef we dare our first steps into freediving. You might even explore the deep if you're curious. Freediving without tanks, just using the power of our body and mind.


Waterdance is a form of contact improvisation in water. By dancing together in the water we bring the yoga exercises into the sea.

We explore our breath and body in the water in a safe place.


This week is an invitation to you to take time for your breath and the impulses that breathing and holding your breath trigger in you. To trace the thoughts and feelings when you take your breather. Refueling in sea and desert. And to discover the fascinating landscape of Sinai together.


Let our divine cook spoil you with Mediterranean - vegetarian dishes. Daily brunch after our morning session and 2 x dinners (1x at our hotel and 1x on our desert trip), on the other evenings we will either go out to eat and get to know Dahab's multicultural cuisine, or you can prepare something of your own in your own kitchen in the apartment .

  • 6 nights in Dahab - Possibility of single and double occupancy


  • 1 night in the desert on a guided desert tour


  • Yoga and breathing class with elements on land and in water


  • Freedive coaching for all levels

  • TheRetreat includes certification to the Aida Freedive Course Level 1


  • Excursion program consisting of desert trips, sauna, city tour, Ecotel Spa


In addition, there is the possibility of scuba diving, kite or windsurfing, climbing, massage or relaxation in the resort in the free afternoon

EXAMPLE TIMELINE(may vary on site):

The yoga program in the morning usually starts at 8.45 a.m., before that you have time to go snorkeling right outside your front door or enjoy the sun with a juice on the beach.


Arrival from 4 p.m

5.30-6.30 p.m. Get to know each other

19.00 Dinner by Lali at the hotel

Evening program: Explore Dahab by night, EEL GARDEN AREA to LIGHTHOUSE


08.45-09.45 Yoga and breath

10.00 Brunch

11.30-16.30 First steps into freediving in a relaxed environment in the pool,

Equipment check, static, dynamic, rescue

18.00 Dinner individually with a walk together


08.45-12.30 First freedive session in the sea at the buoy

13.00 Brunch

14.00-22.00 Walk through the desert with snacks from Sinai by the fire, followed by a desert sauna in the Malakot oasis, with dinner on site if desired


08.45-11.00 Massage Intro, Contact Improvisation Principles

11.30 Brunch

13.30-17.30 Waterdance Ecotel, sauna on request on site

18.00 dinner individually


08.45-12.30 Second freedive session in the sea at the buoy

13.00 Brunch

16.00-19.30 Feldenkrai with Joy, Freedive breathing CO2 table and Yin Yoga

19.45 Individual dinner


08.45-11.00 Yoga and Breath or Fundive Eel Garden depending on the wind and waves

12.00 Brunch

13.00 Free time and packing for the desert trip and check out hotel

19.00 dinner individually


07.00 Start desert tour, snacks for breakfast on the way on request

Desert experience with camels, hiking, fireside dining, yoga

Overnight in the desert under the open sky, if desired in a tent


08-10 Yoga in the desert

Brunch in the desert and walk

14.00 approx. Return to Dahab, possibility to take a shower

Individual departure

Or an optional 2.5-day freedive course afterwards with a certificate

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