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05 - 11 June 2022

Sep 25 - Oct 01, 2022
with Franziska

Meet the Chakras- back to the inner center


Your yoga retreat to regain your strength and calm by working with the 7 main chakras.


Whether you already know and love the chakras like I do, or are simply curious about what this ancient, healing system is all about:


In this yoga retreat in the wonderful Sardinian nature you will get to know the chakra of the day through the vinyasa practice in the morning.

In the evening there is a short (really short;)) theory part to get to know the chakras even better. Then there is a wonderful Yin Yoga class.


My teaching style is playful & authentic, loving & demanding. There is also a smile and, at the end, deep relaxation with a mini Thai yoga massage.


I'm looking forward to have you on board.


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